Responsible Smart Environments is a project supported by the Centre of Sustainable Transitions (CST) at UCLan UK. The project is aligned with the themes of Energy, Sustainable Development, Resilience and Governance, in particular considering the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Specifically, the project addresses the need for effective governance by ensuring that the guidelines promote “the rule of law and human rights” (SDG16). Through collaborations between the School of Sciences and School of Law, as well as eBOS Technologies, the project plans to improve knowledge of IoT technology, by sharing ideas and fostering innovation for sustainable development of smart environments (SDG 9, 17).

IoT technology will support the sustainability of urban environments through applications such as smart transportation, home automation, smart meters, etc. As a result, responsible smart cities will offer affordable and safer options, promoting a more resilient society (SDG 11). Given that the expected demands on energy over the coming years will be immense, technologies, such as IoT, can help secure affordable energy for all in a sustainable manner, eventually reducing energy consumption (SDG 7).

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