Objective: The project aims to explore impacts of the pandemic on communities, interactions with the outdoors, well-being and human rights, through explorative dialogue with UK and Cyprus residents. Participants represent a variety of community members (e.g. small/medium/large business owners; full-time/part-time employed; full-time parents; retired; etc.).

Project Description: The project is interested in understanding the social impacts that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on citizens in Cyprus and the UK. As the pandemic and its associated restrictions on individuals and communities continue, questions surrounding human rights have arisen. There is a clear need to understand the diverse experiences of citizens, in both the UK and Cyprus, so that ongoing decision-making can be informed by the ‘on the ground’ impacts of government decisions and legislation. This can then contribute to reducing or even avoiding social hardship and health impacts during the ongoing crisis, and in potential future crises. Differences in governmental decision-making and social impacts on citizens between the two countries will be compared and explored.

Supported by: University of Central Lancashire’s Research Centre for Sustainable Transitions (CST)

ICLAIM experts participating in the project team: Stephanie Laulhe-Shaelou, Josephina Antoniou, Andrea Manoli

For more information you can contact the members of the project team.