Commitment to Equality 

Gender Equality Statement and Plan 2022

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Law, Alternative and Innovative Methods (ICLAIM), is committed to internally foster a culture of openness, diversity, gender equality and respect, as well as to promote these values externally. This happens by: (i) directly applying this to research activities, i.e. research on ethics, equality, diversity, and inclusion related areas; and (ii) by incorporating these values in its structure and membership.

In terms of its structure and membership, ICLAIM is committed to: advancing gender equality in research positions across the Centre, advancing gender equality in management positions across the Centre, supporting diversity in talent and support equal pay in projects supported by the Centre, and, fostering sustainable structures and work culture such that gender equality is promoted. The Centre employs resident experts in ethics, equality and diversity that participate in monitoring activities to ensure that these values are part of the Centre’s work and culture.

In terms of its activities and services, ICLAIM is committed to address any discrimination and support diversity and gender equality. Specifically ICLAIM is committed to support women in transitioning from a PhD to a professional career through projects in the Centre and promote longer-term contracts where these are possible.

To achieve all the above, ICLAIM is committed to undergo periodic self- assessment to maintain and improve support for gender equality and diversity practices based on a number of indicators, e.g. gender-related research, collaborating with experts to offer relevant trainings to the Centre’s members etc. (all available on the Centre’s website).

As of 1 January 2022, this document is endorsed by the management of the Centre in the form of resolutions available here and actions available below. 


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