Nicos Kasenides

Nicos Kasenides is a postgraduate research student registered at UCLan Cyprus, currently pursuing a PhD in Computing. His research is in the areas of software engineering, cloud computing and distributed systems and his current work focuses on the creation of models, methods, and tools used to develop and deploy large-scale, performance-intensive, real-time distributed systems such as the backends of Massively Multiplayer Online Games on commodity clouds.

Nicos holds a BSc in Computing from UCLan Cyprus and specializes in software engineering, having worked on a variety of software projects. He also works as an associate lecturer at UCLan Cyprus, helping to design and deliver several computing-related modules, and as a software developer and researcher in MENTORme, an ERASMUS+ project.

As an ICLAIM project officer, Nicos is currently involved in the PREPARED project (Horizon Europe) mostly as a software engineer, and supports the center's activities by managing social activities and various project tasks.