Dr Louis Nisiotis

Dr Louis Nisiotis (m) is a lecturer in Computing, and the Course Leader for BSc Computing at UCLan Cyprus. He is engaging in multidisciplinary research specialising in Intelligent Reality Environments and Immersive Technologies, and their application in Cyber-Physical-Social Systems, and in Education among other industrial and societal domains. He has been awarded his PhD in 2015 (Sheffield Hallam University, UK) for investigating the use of 3D Virtual Worlds to Support Students Experiencing Barriers Accessing Education. His research interests include Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality technologies (XR), Intelligent Reality environments, Virtual Museums, Human- Computer Interaction, Cyber-Physical-Social-Systems, Digital Twins, Sociability, Presence, and Immersion in Virtual Worlds.

Currently leading research in innovation and application of immersive technologies to support the digital transformation of a plethora of domains. His current research work focuses on emerging a new type of Cyber-Physical-Social Eco-Society of systems that seamlessly blends the real with virtual worlds influenced by humans and their behaviour, using XR, Robots, and Artificial Intelligence. He is also leading research focusing on the use of immersive learning technologies and intelligent XR environments to support and enhance education. Over the years, he has developed a series of guidelines on how to design virtual environments and collaborative educational activities and learning tasks to effectively support online learning through virtual worlds.

Dr Nisiotis is serving the scientific community as the General Chair of the IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Reality (IEEE ICIR), as a review editor and editorial member for the Immersive Learning Research Network and for special issues on the Journal of Universal Computer Science. He is also reviewing for the Journal of Frontiers in Virtual Reality, the Multimodal Technologies and Interaction (MDPI), Educational Technology Research and Development, and the Virtual Reality (VIRE - Springer) journal. Dr Nisiotis is a Steering Committee Member of the IEEE Digital Reality scientific community, and a member of the Immersive Learning Research Network. He is also a Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy, IEEE and ACM SIGCSE.

In his capacity as a Resident Expert of ICLAIM, he offers technical expertise and consultation on development and implementation of XR and Intelligent Reality environments to support the digital transformation of a plethora of domains.