Dr Katerina Antoniou

Dr Katerina Antoniou is a lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire Cyprus and a resident expert for the Interdisciplinary Centre for Law, Alternative and Innovative Methods (ICLAIM). Dr Antoniou specialises in tourism, conflict resolution, and international relations research, and has examined group membership, hybrid peacebuilding, and the case of the Cyprus conflict. Her recent publications include work on the desecuritization of identity through intergroup contact, the patterns of intergroup interaction and visitation in divided societies, and the politicisation of dark tourism sites. Additional research interests include the contribution of tourism to peacebuilding, and the examination of new forms of peace-oriented tourism. Dr Antoniou has also acted as a reviewer for social scientific journals, as well as for the ICLAIM Social Mediation Handbook. She has written about Social Mediation and the Cyprus conflict in various media, has co-authored a series of Social Mediation manuals, and has been involved in the delivery of social mediation training throughout Cyprus (2018-present) and in the development of a Social Mediators’ Network. Currently, she is preparing the delivery of power symmetrical interviews and dialogue events for input on ethical needs in times of crisis, under the Horizon project PREPARED. Dr Katerina Antoniou holds a BA in Political Science and Economics from Clark University, Massachusetts, an MSc in International Relations Theory from the London School of Economics, and a PhD in International Peacebuilding from the University of Central Lancashire, Preston. Dr Antoniou has received training on higher education and cross-cultural facilitation. She has also been involved in a variety of non-formal education initiatives, including youth empowerment workshops and intercommunal activities. Dr Antoniou is a Fulbright Alumna.