Dr Andreas Marcou

Dr Andreas Marcou is a Lecturer in EU Law and Theory at the School of Law of UCLan University (Cyprus). Andreas completed his PhD in Law at Queen Mary, University of London in 2020. His PhD thesis, entitled ‘A republican theory of civil disobedience’, investigates civil disobedience as a political action within a democratic society. It proposes that deliberate lawbreaking can sometimes be seen as conducive to law’s authority and democratic norms. He is an associate fellow of the Higher Education Academy, with experience in teaching various modules in the field of EU law and the rule of law.

Andreas is currently the project manager and Senior Researcher for the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence CRoLEV (Centre for the Rule of Law and European Values) and was previously a Research Fellow of the Jean Monnet Module ‘EU-POP’ and the Editor of the Interdisciplinary Journal of Populism, and the editor of the Rule of Law Monitoring Mechanism (RoLMM). Andreas’s research interests include republican and liberal theories, law’s authority, theories of democracy and legitimacy at the national and the European level, and the duties and responsibilities of citizens within a liberal democracy. As such, Andreas is particularly interested in the ways in which individuals within liberal societies can actively participate in the legal and political community and contribute to social justice.

He joined ICLAIM in September 2021, and through his expertise he contributes on issues of Ethics, Democracy, and Law in society. Within PREPARED, Andreas undertakes various research tasks primarily focusing on the development of the relevant legal and socio-legal framework within which other research tasks are realised.